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Tewkesbury Branch Committee
Angela Cole

I started ringing in the 1980s after singing at a wedding when the bells were being rung. The Twyning ringers said come and try and wouldn't let me go. Chris my husband/ringing widower, also learnt to handle a bell but he was a better babysitter than myself so only I carried on. Thus I learned at Twyning and have been anchored there ever since, occasionally foraging into Worcestershire. At one point I was Secretary for the Branch so I have some inkling as to the mechanics of how it works. Since then I have really enjoyed just ringing, learning new methods, meeting new people and visiting interesting places. Now, it appears I'm back involved with the Branch and I hope you enjoy your ringing as much as I do.
Angela Cole
Rosemary Mackay Secretary
Rosemary Mackay

I lived in Canada for more than 50 years and became a professor at the University of Toronto. Having been widowed I returned to England in 2012 and took up bellringing in 2013. I am a member of the Ripple and Twyning bands and also enjoy ringing at other practices in the area.
Ringing Master
Sheila Taylor

I started learning to ring in 1971 at Tewkesbury Abbey and have rung there ever since apart from a period of 4 years when I lived in Nottingham and rang there. I am very grateful to the people who took the time to teach me properly the basics of bellringing and realise just how valuable this solid groundwork is for future progress. I enjoy teaching learners and helping all less experienced ringers to make good progress.
Sheila Taylor
Ann Ross Ringing Master
Ann Ross

I started to ring in the late 60's at Twyning. My week was spent visiting surrounding towers for their practice night and rang on a Sunday at Twyning and Tewkesbury Abbey. After getting married in 1975 I gave up my favourite hobby due to clash of priorities. About 20 years later I returned and haven't looked back since. I now visit towers most nights and have started to relearn the methods I rang years before.
Ringing Master
Philip Taylor

I learnt to ring at Tewkesbury Abbey at the age of 10, the fifth generation of my family to do so. As well as actually ringing, I enjoy maintaining bells, and had plenty of opportunity to help out from a young age.
I continued ringing whilst at university in Bath, where I helped hang a new ring of 6 and enjoyed teaching a new band. Since my return I have continued ringing at the Abbey and Ashchurch.
Philip Taylor
Gregory Jones Management Committee Representative
Gregory Jones

I started ringing in 2010 at Tewkesbury Abbey. I took up the ropes out of interest, a few years after my Grandad, who was a ringer himself, past away. I went to university in Portsmouth and was able to continue ringing and meet new ringers, the 3 years I was there. Now I have finished my degree, I am back in Tewkesbury wanting to be an active member of this branch.
Sue Burley

My father was a bell ringer at Ripple Church, learning as a young boy; but he gave up ringing in his twenties when he married my mother and a family came along. He never returned to ringing and passed away in 2014. That was when I took it up, more than half a century later! So I am very much a learner but have taken on the treasurer role as a thank you for all the branch ringers who are helping me along the path to becoming an accomplished ringer. I think it could be a long journey but they are all very patient and encouraging!
Sue Burley

Tewkesbury Branch round up of events in 2018
The Tewkesbury Branch has enjoyed another busy year with many members making considerable progress and a lot of activity at our towers. Much work goes on behind the scenes to make branch events a success.

We have held two well attended and successful evening practices aimed at helping less experienced ringers improve their bell handling.

In March 10 of our members took part in the G&B training day in Cirencester (8 as teachers and 2 as students).

For the third year in succession we rang at as many of our branch towers as possible on St George's Day and this year our total was 12 towers. A group of us joined together for lunch in the Touching Soul's Tea Room between ringing at the Abbey and heading off to ring at some of the nearby villages which made for a happy and sociable occasion.

On G&B AGM day the Branch was represented in the Croome and Penn Trophy competitions and then some of us joined in the ringing at Cricklade before attending the meeting there.

In June we held our annual striking competition at Hasfield where 4 towers were represented.

We have held 4 branch practices including the spring meeting and AGM. These have been well attended.

Ringing at towers outside our branch always proves popular.

In May we rang at Dodderhill and Hanbury, had lunch at the Jinny Ring Centre and then enjoyed a walk along the canal.

August saw us hold another mini outing, this time on a Friday morning. We rang at Yarkhill and Bromyard and then rewarded our efforts with lunch at the Hop Pocket near Bromyard.

In July we rang for evensong at Gloucester Cathedral and were lucky enough to be able to see the bells and go up onto the tower roof to admire the view.

On a Friday evening in September we ventured to Cheltenham to ring on the new ring of twelve at the Minster. Those who remembered the old ring were impressed by the new bells and by the much improved ringing room.

In October we took part in the G&B quarter peal festival and firsts fortnight. We scored 7 out of the 8 quarters attempted and branch members registered 28 "firsts".

On November 11th the Branch rose to the challenge of ringing at as many of our towers as possible to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice. This was a fantastic effort involving nearly all of our members, many of them ringing at more than one tower.

The last branch event of the year will see us at the Abbey joining the local practice, having a go with the bell plates and enjoying some refreshments while we chat.

Here's hoping next year will be equally successful.

Sheila Taylor, Phil Taylor, Ann Ross (joint ringing masters)
November 2018

Tewkesbury Branch Programme 2019
Jan 19 Sat 5 pm Ringing at Tredington followed by a fish-and-chip supper and board games
Feb 11 Mon 7:30 pm Join the practice at Ripple
Mar 2 Sat Morning G&B Branch Officers' Meeting at Barnwood
Mar 9 Sat All day Association Training Day: Cirencester area
Mar 13 Wed 7:15 pm Ringing at Twyning
Branch Spring Meeting in the church (8:30)
Apr 2 Tue 7:30 pm Join the practice at Deerhurst
Apr 6 Sat All Day G&B Association AGM, Swindon Branch
Penn and Croome Trophy competitions
Apr 23 Tue All Day Ringing for St George's Day (OR NOT - each tower makes its own decision)
May 18 Sat Morning Morning Mini Outing
Ringing at Castlemortin* 9:00 - 10:00am and Longdon* 10:30 - 11:30am
Lunch in a nearby pub (to be arranged) followed by a walk in the area
(details will be given later; numbers for lunch required in advance)
June 22 Sat 4:30 pm Branch Striking competition at Bushley
Bring and Share supper in Bushley village hall
July 7 Sun Afternoon Afternoon outing
Ringing at Berrow 3:30 - 4:30pm and Malvern Priory (before Evensong) 5:30 - 6:30
Aug 16 Fri Morning Morning Mini Outing
Ringing at Pershore (St. Andrew's Centre)* 9:30 - 10:30am and Elmley Castle* 11:00 - noon
Lunch at The Queen Elizabeth pub (numbers required) followed by a walk on Bredon Hill
Sept 10 Tue 7:30 pm Join the practice at The Leigh
Oct 12 Sat All Day Association Training Day Wotton-under-Edge
Oct 19-Nov 3 All Day "Firsts Fortnight" and Peal and quarter peal festival
Nov 9 Sat 4 pm Branch AGM - Beckford
4 pm Ringing, 5 pm Service in the church, 5:30 pm AGM in village hall & bring and share supper
Dec 3 Tue 7:30 pm Join the practice at Kemerton
Jan 2020 24 Fri 7:30 pm Join the practice at Ashchurch

* Don't forget to bring a donation for out of branch towers
To download a pdf of the branch program 2019, click here

Tewkesbury Branch Towers
Branch towers with regular practices and / or regular Sunday service ringing
To hear samples of some of the bells of the Tewkesbury Branch, click here
Ashchurch, St Nicholas [GL20 8JZ]
8 bells, 12cwt tenor
Sunday: 10:30 except for last when 9:00
Practice: Friday 19:30
Contact: Margaret Wise (01684) 772095
Entrance through church
Car park at end of church driveway
Toilet in church
Ashchurch Church
Ashton-under-Hill*, St Barbara [WR11 7SX]
6 bells, 7cwt tenor
Sunday: by arrangement
Practice: Tuesday third and fourth 19:30
Contact: Nick Hopkins (01386) 710136
Entrance at far side of tower
Park carefully on road
Ashton-under-hill Church
Beckford*, St John the Baptist [GL20 7AD]
6 bells, 14cwt tenor
Sunday: by arrangement
Practice: Tuesday first and second 19:30
Contact: Nick Hopkins (01386) 710136
Entrance at far side of tower
Small car park at front of church
Beckford Church
Deerhurst, St Mary [GL19 4BX]
6 bells, 11cwt tenor
Sunday: second 10:30; fourth 17:30
Practice: Tuesday 19:30 confirm first, alternates with Tredington
Contact: Richard Hart (01684) 274197
Entrance to right of main church door
Small parking area by church gates
Deerhurst Church
Eldersfield, St John the Baptist [GL19 4NP]
6 bells, 18cwt tenor
Sunday: by arrangement
Practice: Thursday alternately 19:30 confirm first
Contact: Janet Peters (01452) 840211
Ground floor
Entrance through church
Small car park next to church
Eldersfield Church
Hasfield, St Mary [GL19 4LG]
6 bells, 10cwt tenor
Sunday: by arrangement
Practice: by arrangement
Contact: Garrod Davies (01684) 296305
Ground floor
Entrance through church
Off road parking at front of church
Hasfield Church
Kemerton, St Nicholas [GL20 7HX]
6 bells, 12cwt tenor
Sunday: 08:30, last 10:15 (confirm first)
Practice: Tuesday 18:30-19:30 confirm first
Contact: Dave Devereux (01684) 850329
Ground floor
Entrance through church
Park carefully on road
Kemerton Church
Tewkesbury, Abbey Church of St Mary the Virgin [GL20 5SR]
13 bells, 27cwt tenor
Sunday: 10:15; 16:00 confirm first; first 10:15 (quarter peal attempt); third 16:00 (quarter peal attempt). Practice: Thursday 19:30
Contact: Ruth Bagley (01684) 293764
Entrance via small outside staircase and intercom
Car park at the front and in Gander Lane
Toilets in Visitor Centre and Gloucester Rd car park
Tewkesbury Abbey
The Leigh, St Catherine [GL19 4AF]
6 bells, 18cwt tenor
Sunday: by arrangement
Practice: Tuesday 19:30
Contact: Phil Cotton (01452) 857180
Entrance through church
Some off-road parking opposite church
Toilet in base of tower
The Leigh Church
Tirley, St Michael and All Angels [GL19 4HH]
6 bells, 10cwt tenor
Sunday: phone to check arrangements
Practice: Tuesday but must confirm first
Contact: Garrod Davies (01684) 296305
Ground floor
Entrance through church
Off road parking at front of church
Tirley Church
Tredington, St John the Baptist [GL20 7AB]
6 bells, 8cwt tenor
Sunday: by arrangement
Practice: Tuesday 19:30 confirm first, alternates with Deerhurst
Contact: Jim Mitchell (01684) 296773
Ground floor
Entrance through church
Park away from main road which can be busy
Tredington Church
Twyning, St Mary Magdalene [GL20 6JJ]
6 bells, 10cwt tenor
Sunday: 8:45
Practice: Wednesday 19:30 Please confirm in advance with tower contact
Contact: Mrs M Storey (01684) 299607
Entrance at far side of tower
Car park to right of church gates
Twyning Church
*Ashton-under-Hill and Beckford share a band.  When there is a fifth Tuesday in the month the practice is at Overbury, Worcs, St Faith
6 bells, 9cwt
Park on road near church
Towers outside the Tewkesbury Branch which are closely supported by Branch members
Ripple, Worcs, St Mary [GL20 6HA]
6 bells, 12cwt tenor
Sunday: 4th 10:00 and special occasions, confirm first
Practice: generally 2nd Monday 19:30, Please confirm in advance with tower contact
Contact: Joan Payne (01684) 297251
Entrance through door at base of tower and through kitchen
Car park at front of church
Ripple Church
Strensham, Worcs, St John the Baptist [WR8 9LW]
6 bells, 11cwt tenor
Sunday: none
Practice: generally 4th Monday 19:30, Please confirm in advance with tower contact
Contact: David Bagley (01684) 293764
Entrance at base of tower
Car parking by church
Strensham Church
Branch towers with unringable bells
Boddington, St Mary Magdalene [GL51 0TJ]
3 bells, 9cwt tenor
Chimed only
Chaceley, St John the Baptist [GL19 4EH]
6 bells, 11cwt tenor
Forthampton, St Mary the Virgin [GL19 4QW]
6 bells, 12cwt tenor
Staverton, St Catherine [GL51 0TR]
3 bells, 9cwt tenor
Chimed only

Tewkesbury Branch Proficiency Certificates
Notes on Tewkesbury Branch Proficiency Certificates

The purpose of these certificates is to recognise and encourage progress among ringers (who have not already gained the Association proficiency certificate) within the Tewkesbury Branch.

Tower captains will be responsible for monitoring the progress of individual ringers. It may help to keep a register of attendance but this is entirely optional. Please date the progress chart for each individual to show when each of the criteria is achieved.

Please display the proficiency certificate criteria on your tower notice boards and encourage any members of your band who have not yet gained the G&B certificate to take part if they wish.

The number of towers visited; meetings attended and services rung for is cumulative from level to level e.g. for the silver level, at least 5 towers have to be visited and these towers can then be counted towards the total of 10 for the gold certificate.

When a member of your band has achieved one of the specified levels please pass the details to the Branch Ringing Master who will ensure that the appropriate certificate is presented at the next branch meeting.

Any ringer who has achieved the platinum level of the branch proficiency certificates is well on the way to reaching the standard required to attain the G&B Association certificate.

If an individual cannot make progress to the next level due to limitations within their local band then please contact the Ringing Master to ask for help.

As this is a new scheme there will be many ringers who have already achieved one or more of the levels. If an individual would like to be awarded a certificate for the highest level already achieved (but not all of the levels previously achieved) then please pass their name to the Branch Ringing Master.

Please contact the Branch Ringing Master if you need further clarification on any point.

Sheila Taylor
Tewkesbury Branch Ringing Master
Dec 2012

Tewkesbury Branch Proficiency Certificate record sheet
To download the spreadsheet click here

Interested in learning to ring at a tower in the Tewkesbury Branch?
Towers in the Tewkesbury Branch are always keen to recruit more bellringers. If you are interested in finding out more please email the Tewkesbury Branch or contact your nearest tower.

Ringing Notes
The following documents provide learning notes for Plain Bob Doubles and Stedman Doubles.
Click on the links to download the .doc files.

Notes on ringing Plain Bob Doubles
Notes on ringing Stedman Doubles
Notes on ringing St Simons Doubles

The central council website also provides a number of helpful guides here.

Tewkesbury Abbey Method List
Below is the method list for 2019 and some of blue lines as word documents.
For a website that can plot all methods, please visit
Click on the links to download the files.

Thursday method List 2019

Cassiobury Surprise Major
Countesthorpe Surprise Major
Water Surprise Major

To email the Tewkesbury Branch click here